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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Urban Development, Built Road Transport (BRT), Economics, Market Analysis, Governance, Employment, Housing, Land Value Capture, City

CoLab have worked on as part of an international, multidisciplinary, team for World Bank and the President’s Office for Regional and Local Government (PORALG). Our task was to examine ways of maximising the benefits of infrastructure investment on urban development. We designed and analysed a large employment, housing and travel survey. The team analysed the economic and demographic characteristics of the transport corridor catchment area and analysed the performance and capacity of the commercial and residential real estate markets. We also advised on capacity and capability building, and governance. Our advice also included analysis on the potential for Land Value Capture and the use of development corporation structures, Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Private Finance Initiative (PFI)

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey, Mike Duff, Jacques Remy

National Plan, Bahrain

Urban Development, Land Value Capture, Governance, Public Private Partnerships, Management of Public Spaces, Compulsory Purchase

CoLab recently worked with a French consortium led by SETEC under the direction of Expertise France to assist with the development of a new national planning guidelines for Bahrain. We worked with the team to examine how some of the policies could be delivered in practice. Our advice focussed on Land Value Capture, Governance, Development Corporation Models, Management of Public Spaces (condominium regulations), Public Private Partnerships (PPP), Private Finance Initiative (PFI), compulsory purchase, capacity building, capability building

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey, Jacques Remy

Oxford University, Innovation District,
United Kingdom

Science Park, Development Strategy, Estates Strategy, Housing Strategy, Business Case, HM Treasury Green Book, Economic Benefits, Social Benefits, Development, PMO, Campus

CoLab was the lead advisor to Oxford University on the development of a new Innovation District on the edge of Oxford. The site will provide approximately 2,000 homes, half of which will be affordable. There will be new schools and commercial and university space for science, research and development. The development may include a new railway station. This will be the first such innovation district in the UK and will be an exemplar in sustainable development. We helped develop the initial strategy, produced a Strategic Outline Case and helped progress the Outline Business Case in keeping with HM Treasury Guidance. The outcome showed the cost benefit analysis of the investment, including local and national, social and economic, benefits analysis. Throughout this process we liaised with OxLEP, the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey, Alberto De Biasio, Xuxin Mao

Oxford University, United Kingdom, The Energy Systems Accelerator (TESA)

Research and development facility, Development Strategy, Estates Strategy, Business Case, HM Treasury Green Book, Economic Benefits, Social Benefits, Development,

CoLab is the lead advisor to Oxford University on the development of a new research and development facility in the centre of the city. The facility will be a national centre for research and collaboration on the development of new energy systems so that the UK can meet its targets to decarbonise the economy. We have produced a Strategic Outline Case (SOC) and are now progressing the Outline Business Case (OBC) in keeping with HM Treasury Guidance. This will show the cost benefit analysis of the investment inclusion local and national social and economic benefits analysis. Throughout this process we have liaised with OxLEP, the Local Enterprise Partnership.


Team members: Hugh Mulcahey, Alberto di Biasio, Xuxin Mao


Workplace Technology, United Kingdom

Product Strategy, Workplace Market Assessment, Facilities Management, Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Workplace

Colab Consulting worked with ExcelRedstone helping them develop and promote a workplace management technology designed to improve workplace utilisation and performance. This required analysis of the market potential for the new technology, competitor analysis and identification of the best routes to market and development of a business plan to grow a team and develop a range of products and services.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey

Co-Working Strategy, United Kingdom

Commercial Property, Co-Working, Serviced Offices, Market Analysis, Strategy, Operating Model, Financial Model

CoLab worked with Martins Properties to analyse opportunities in the Co-Working sector. This assignment included an in-depth analysis of the market, pricing structure and competitor analysis, and assessment of the business models used, and resources required to deliver co-working space and services. We developed a financial model to assess potential investments and advised on a range of potential operating models.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey

Science Hub, United Kingdom

Science Park, Estate Strategy, Business Case, Risk, PMO, Campus

Prior to starting CoLab Hugh worked with Public Health England (PHE) planning the delivery of the new Science Hub to replace existing research and development facilities located at Porton Down. Hugh worked with a team advising on the running of the Programme Management Office (PMO), evaluation of the Strategic Outline Case and assessment of risk issues associated with the project.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey

BBC Worldwide, Corporate Headquarters

Offices, New Ways of Working, Activity Based Working, Space Rationalisation, Change Management, Risk, Procurement, Financial Modelling, Facilities Management, Relocation

Prior to starting CoLab Hugh worked with BBC Worldwide as part of the team planning and delivering the relocation of staff to a new headquarters building in the iconic former BBC TV Centre. The job involved financial analysis, risk analysis together with advice on change management and communications strategies. We also provided analytical and technical support on the procurement of facilities management services for the new building. We acted as an interface between the design team and the in-house project management team.

Team members: Hugh Mulcahey

United Nations World Tourism Organization, Government of Jinan City, China

Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Strategy, Sustainability Advisory Services, Sustainable Economic Development Planning, Tourism Market Assessment

CoLab is providing market assessment, spatial layout and urban planning advice, as well as sustainability advisory services, as part of a consortium, working on this large scale, long term tourism development plan for Jinan, Shandong, China, as part of a UNWTO initiative. Assessing the current tourism offering in the Jinan area, its sustainability across the triple-bottom line, as well as its current spatial configuration, was the first step to this project. The ultimate deliverable was a 15 year plan, outlining infrastructural, mobility and urban planning additions and improvements, to enable the physical delivery and sustainable nature of a set of tourism initiatives, to attract the international tourism market to Jinan.

Team members: Mike Duff

Catalan Tourism Board of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, Spain

Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Strategy, Sports Tourism Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Wearable Technology, Tourist Journey Planning Strategy

CoLab, working jointly with Sports Destination Consulting, delivered this project to the Tourism Board of Catalonia, in order to improve tourists’ digital experiences with regards to cycling in Catalonia, before, during, and after their visits to Catalonia. Following market assessment to determine which web platforms were most relevant to potential cycling tourism visitors to Catalonia, we loaded the existing paper-based content of 50 popular bicycle itineraries, onto the 10 most demographically relevant online route platforms. Tapping into the market for wearable sports tracker technology and online journey planning, we thus moved the agency’s content up search engine results significantly. Optimising the content in SEO terms also contributed to moving Catalonia’s content into the foreground of several more million users than prior to the project.

Team members: Mike Duff, Maurí Carbó

Employed by AECOM/UCL, London, UK

Economic Advisory, Inflation Forecasting, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Construction Economics, KTP

During the employment at AECOM’s we drove the development of more robust methods of measurements for the construction industry both in the UK, for the Office of National Statistics, in Europe, for Eurostat, and in Africa, in particular as data analysis support for the ICP world Banks program.

Team members:Alberto De Biasio, Xuxin Mao